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Although we tend to think of grief as it relates to the death of a loved one, we grieve all types of significant losses- job loss and retirement, children leaving home, disability, divorce and separation, the loss of property by natural disaster or theft, loss of independence in older adulthood, loss of an imagined future, and much more.


The journey through grief can be very difficult, yet also full of opportunity for self-discovery, reflection, and growth. Join me and Becki Macy, RYT, for a day retreat to collectively explore and express all types of loss through group discussion, art, restorative movement, and ritual.


Space is limited to 15 participants. Early bird pricing available if registered before September 1st. 

For more information or to register, please contact Becki by calling (503) 358-3758 or emailing rebecca@theartofbalancepdx.com.